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[Hukum-Online] How To Lie With Statistics..Re: Invitation to USINDO Open Forum January 21st - Coastal Resources in Indonesia


Brurr RR, Pak Paulus Yth:
Coastal and Land Resources in Indonesia sudah dikuras habis oleh Agent2 Local bersama Agent2 NeoLIBS .
Apa kata  Alamarhum Prof Dr. Everett M. Rogers, Dosen Harvard, Stanford Univ, di USA  : Development tend to make remain poor even poorer,and poorest...
Tak usah bangga jadi anggota G-20, "digital divide", National GAP akan bertambah,kesenjangan pendapatan mangkin menganga,......."How To Lie With Statistics"....Secara  National Income  percapita  bisa bertambah...tapi  jumlah riil yg miskin dan melarat, yg hidup di di Sampah, dan sebagai pemulung serta yg tinggal di Lumpur , yg kelaparan bertambah lebih dari kira2 40 juta orang( yg berpendapatan kurang dari Rp 21.000 sehari per keluarga), tapi pendapatan 10-40  orang2 terkaya di NKRI akan tambah gemuk
Tokoh2 Lintas Agama seperti Buya Prof Dr.Syafei Maarif, Prof Dr. Din  Syamsuddin, dll yg berpendidikan Barat di USA tidak berbohong ,mengatakan bahwa ada kebohongan diantara kita.They want to say : To tell the truth, Lie was really happen

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Subject: Invitation to USINDO Open Forum January 21st - Coastal Resources in Indonesia

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Friday, January 21st
2:30 - 4:00 pm
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Invitation to USINDO Open Forum: The Role of Government in Development and Management of Coastal Resources in Indonesia

Please join us January 21st at 2:30 for an open forum with Dr. James McVey, former Chief Scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.  Dr. McVey will discuss the growing issue of depleting marine resources in Indonesia.


Issues of deforestation, wildlife trade, pollution, and over fishing are challenging Indonesia's environment and threatening the country's natural resources. These issues are exacerbating social problems including poverty, population density, and poor governance.  Despite Indonesia's heavy reliance on agriculture, inadequate income from farming has encouraged workers to shift from agriculture to fishing.  This shift in labor has not only been unsustainable, but has further strained marine resources through destructive fishing using cyanide and dynamite.  In the long run, these social, environmental, and economic issues are major problems that Indonesia has to overcome as a way to work within a very dynamic Asian market place. Ecological Based management is the primary solution to mitigating these problems and optimizing the value of coral relief resources in Indonesia. Dr. James McVey will discuss the management of wild fisheries and aquaculture in Indonesia.  In particular, he will talk about how the current government policy of relocating farmers to fisheries has led the over exploitation of marine recourses and has become a crucial problem in Indonesia.

James McVey, the former Chief Scientist for technical exchange on aquaculture technologies at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), oversaw research for more than 15 years at NOOA with a regional focus on Asia.  While he was there, he was also part of the review team exploring COREMAP and the Sea Partnership Program (SPP), both of which focus on coral relief in Indonesia. Under USAID, he has also worked in Indonesia to establish four fresh water shrimp hatcheries on Java Island and improve the technology for marine shrimp hatcheries in Indonesia. 
He recently published a book entitled "Aquaculture and Ecosystems: An Integrated Coastal and Ocean Management Approach"  In 1995, he was awarded The Department of Commerce Bronze Medal, and in 2000, he was also awarded the Department of Commerce Silver Medal for developing a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Aquaculture Program and his international leadership in aquaculture development.

To RSVP: Please click here and RSVP by January 20th.
Our office is within walking distance to Farragut West or Dupont Metro Station.  If you are driving, there is a parking garage in our building available at an hourly rate.  There is also street parking available north of Massachusetts Ave, on and around 17th. 

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