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[Diskusi HRD Forum] Singapore - More companies offering work-life balance


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Dec 30, 2010

More companies offering work-life balance

More employers are offering work-life arrangements such as part-time work and staggered hours. -- PHOTO: BT

MORE employers are offering work-life arrangements such as part-time work and staggered hours.

This is the main finding in the latest Ministry of Manpower's (MOM) Conditions of Employment Survey.

In 2010, 35 per cent of companies offered at least one form of work-life arrangement to their employees, up from 25 per cent in 2007.

Part-time work was the most common, with close to three in 10 (29 per cent) companies offering this arrangement in 2010. Staggered hours arrangements saw only 6.5 per cent, together with flexi-time (6.3 per cent), teleworking (2.8 per cent), and working from home (1.9 per cent).

In addition, it has been found that besides the statutory leave benefits, many employers provided other leave benefits like compassionate, marriage and paternity leave. The survey has revealed that in 2010 10 per cent of employees enjoyed over 21 days of annual leave, up from 9.1 per cent in 2008 and 8.5 per cent in 2006.

But about six in 10 employees (59 per cent) were entitled to less than 15 days of paid annual leave in 2010, similar to that in 2008 and 2006. A total of 3,410 companies from both the public and private sector with a combined number of 1,047,300 employees, responded to the survey.

(source: The Straits Times)

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